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Eliminate the need for cables. A wireless router will eliminate the wire mess and give you more flexibility.

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Correctly installed cabling is essential to all businesses. Ensure your projects are done right the first time.

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We assess, plan, implement and maintain computer networks, such as LAN or WAN systems, intranets, and extranets.

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Benefits of having us handle your Network


With our managed networking services we can help you setup and maintain your network Properly. Let’s face it, when your network goes down so does your productivity. We can help you avoid WI-FI deadspots in your office and recover quickly when something goes wrong. You can sleep easy knowing that if your network were to ever go down, we are there to help get it back up!

Why do you need Cyber Security?


According to the IBM Security Calculator the average cost of a data breach is $150 per Document! it also stated that Data breaches are more common in the U.S and Healthcare is the most costly industry.

Are you prepared for malware, ransomware, or having your data leaked?. We can help you stay protected.

Our network administration service is based on the following aspects:

network administration

1. Centralized Control

Our solution offers cloud-based centralized control and complete visibility over all wired, wireless, security and mobile router devices.

2. Security & Awareness

Our solution looking for device changes and can alert you when new devices appear. Your network remain secure and that cybersecurity threats are neutralized with an advanced, real-time alerting system. Our solution also allows the generation of backup and restoration of network configuration for switches, firewalls, and access points and get alerts about changes. We also perform continuous monitoring for open ports on devices potentially causing vulnerabilities on the network.

3. Fault Identification

One of the biggest challenges in network management today is to proactively identify faults before they affect end users. We detect, isolate and solve failures through an alarm system that allows us to quickly detect and remedy any anomalous situation.

4. Integrated User Management

Our solution includes integrated user management for those who do not have the knowledge or requirements of external platforms. User management (cloud authentication) can be used in combination with other different types of access such as 2FA, WPA Enterprise and User Access.

5. Performance Management

Detecting and resolving failures is essential so that network performance is quickly restored to its original state. Our solution includes manual and automated tools that allow you to resolve network problems before network performance degrades.

6. Provisioning

Network provisioning includes the calculation of the handled load and future demands based on current trends. Our service includes the generation of capacity planning reports that help determine network trends and contribute significantly to resource allocation, it also includes the management of IP addresses and switch connections in terms of space and availability, we also audit user access and provide prompt notifications about any status changes that may significantly affect network behavior.

The Perks



Take advantage of subscription based network infrastructure management in lieu of hiring staff.


Increased Business Agility

React faster to shorter-term business needs and pivot with rapidily changing technology.


Improved Business Productivity

Free up time to work on more strategic initiatives, such as launching new revenue-generating services, and planning for the future needs of the business.


Superior Customer Experience

The reliability and availability of core business services directly drives higher customer experience.

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