HIPAA Training

HIPAA Training

Onsite HIPAA Training

Our onsite programs will help your staff be educated about HIPAA and help protect your practice.


Our HIPAA program includes the required HIPAA Security Risk Assessment. Our consultants will work through a series of questions that assess the administrative safeguards, physical safeguards, and technical safeguards currently in place in your practice. Once this data is collected, we generate a detailed Risk Assessment and a corresponding Work Plan.

Our consultants will request the Business Associate Agreements on your behalf and build out your Privacy and Security policies. During the site visit, we will demonstrate to your Privacy/Security Officer how to use the materials.

Why choose an onsite program?

Onsite programs allow our consultants to make a thorough assessment of your compliance in order to close any gaps. It’s not a matter of merely checking off a box. We are focused on actual compliance because that’s what it comes down to if you are audited.

What’s Included

We’ll help you design a compliance program that meets your needs and your practice budget. Call us today at 828-278-9536 to customize a HIPAA compliance program that meets your needs in today’s complex regulatory environment.