IT solutions and support for medical professionals


Elite IT Solutions has been providing superior IT support to speech therapists and medical offices for over 15 years. We provide stress-free IT solutions to ensure your environment stays securely running and your staff stays happy.

Why choose Elite IT Solutions for your practice?

We Know Software!  We work closely with major software and hardware vendors, ensuring that you get the best software for the task at hand and you don’t overpay for your technology. Maybe there isn’t any software that fits your specialized need, we also specialize in custom software development to create an application that perfectly suits your needs! With our IT support software, we can keep all of your computers for your organization up to date and secure. 

We know Hardware! Through years of experience, we have found the best hardware solutions to maximize workspace and optimize performance. We have hardware solutions to fit any office or space. We can optimize your internet network ensuring full coverage. 

We know compliance! We all know that compliance isn’t anything that anyone wants to deal with, but we make the process simple while keeping your office running efficiently. We comply with HIPAA and make sure that your computers in your organization are also set up to comply! 

We are here for you! Our team is here for you and is happy to assist with any IT situation you find yourself in!

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